Social and Cultural Values


Social and Cultural Values in a Global and Digital Age, AMA Consumer Behavior SIG Pre-Conference Event, San Francisco, 1 Aug 2014; Deadline 30 Apr


Call for Proposals
Sponsored by CB SIG

AMA Pre-conference
Aug. 1, 2014
8 am to 1 pm

Social and cultural values, with specific attention to decision-making and behavior, have long been studied in consumer research. Much progress has been made over the past decades, but much more remains to be learned as we consider values and their roles in the broadened contexts of the global marketplace in the digital age. Importantly, this pre-conference event aims to be inclusive, welcoming consumer researchers studying a wide range of topics associated with social and cultural values using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Values and choice; mean-end chains; relations among goals, motives, values, and personality;
  • Values in a cross-cultural, global context,
  • Values in the context of social and digital media, advertising and marketing communications,
  • Values as related to specific industries or services (e.g., the travel and tourism, sports, healthcare, financial, and education sectors)
  • Values as related to specific audience segments (e.g., global affluents, underrepresented minorities, emerging market consumers), and
  • The measurement of and methods to study values.

The pre-conference will feature both presentations and discussions. Our agenda is to have a provocative rountable discussion about what we know and where research on values is headed. Preference will be give to proposals that integrate ideas from programmatic research (rather than individual study proposals). If justifiable, we will work to publish a book that includes research discussed at the pre-conference event.

We encourage members of the CB SIG, as well as members of other SIGS, to submit a 500-word proposal/abstract by April 30 to either of the Event Co-chairs: Lynn R. Kahle, Ehrman Giustina Professor of Marketing, University of Oregon,, or Eda Gurel-Atay, Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound, Please contact the co-chairs with requests for additional information.