J Service Man Awards


Lerzan Aksoy, Heiko Gebauer, Javier Reynoso, Stefan Holmlid and Line Lervik Olsen, and others, have won awards from the Journal of Service Management

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the 2013 Robert Johnston Awards. We also thank the winners for their contribution to service literature and to the Journal of Service Management (JOSM).

Best Paper:

Aksoy, Lerzan (2013), “How do you measure what you can’t define?” Journal of Service Management 24.4 (2013): 356-381.

Highly Commended Awards: 

1.      Bolton, Ruth N; Parasuraman, A; Hoefnagels, Ankie; Migchels, Nanne; Kabadayi, Sertan; Gruber, Thorsten; Yuliya Komarova Loureiro; Solnet, David (2013), “Understanding Generation Y and their use of social media: a review and research agenda,” Journal of Service Management, 24.3 (2013): 245-267.

2.       Larivière, Bart; Joosten, Herm; Malthouse, Edward C; Marcel van Birgelen; Aksoy, Pelin; Kunz, Werner H; Ming-Hui, Huang (2013) “Value fusion: the blending of consumer and firm value in the distinct context of mobile technologies and social media,” Journal of Service Management, 24.3 (2013): 268-293.

3.      Cecile Delcourt, Dwayne D. Gremler, Allard CR van Riel and Marcel van Birgelen (2013) “Effects of perceived employee emotional competence on customer satisfaction and loyalty: the mediating role of rapport”, Journal of Service Management, 24.1 (2013): 6-24. 

Social Impact Award:

Gebauer, Heiko; Reynoso, Javier (2013), “An agenda for service research at the base of the pyramid,” Journal of Service Management, 24.5 (2013): 482-502. 

Best Reviewer Awards: 

Stefan Holmlid
Associate Professor, Interaction & Service Design
Department of Computer & Information Science
Linköping University


Line Lervik Olsen
Bi Norwegian School of Management
Oslo, Norway 


Best Regards,

Jay Kandampully
Editor, Journal of Service Management
Professor of Service Management
The Ohio State University