How to ELMAR


A reminder on how to post a job or other announcement, how to unsubscribe, and a list of the ways you can receive ELMAR including social media

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Tell the moderator you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe in an email to

How to Post – Job Notices

This is described here:

How to Post – All Other Material

Send an email to with the announcement.

The ELMAR Weekly Rhythm

A typical week on ELMAR looks like this:

  • Monday – Revisits, awards, PhD news, events, dialog
  • Tuesday – Tables of contents
  • Wednesday – Job postings
  • Thursday – Awards, PhD news, events, dialog
  • Friday – Calls for papers

ELMAR on Social Media


Make sure you are logged in and then look for the red/orange RSS button below and to the left.

Password Problems

You should be able to reset your password from the main page,,

by knowing your email address, but you can always ask me to reset it by sending email to

Title and Introduction

The moderator reserves the right to write the posting title and introduction. Nevertheless you should feel free to make suggestions.

In Summary

Of course I would be happy to answer questions or receive suggestions at