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Business Expert Press calls for book proposals in the areas of sports and entertainment marketing



Call for Proposals

Dear Colleague,

Recently I assumed a new role as the collection editor for sports and entertainment marketing and management for a publishing company—Business Expert Press—that has a new business model. We are looking for new manuscripts on important topics in sports and entertainment marketing and management.

Business Expert Press (BEP, is a world-leading resource in business education with a strong track record in publishing and distributing books across all fields and emerging topics in business. The company publishes collections of concise, academically sound and applied books for the purpose of providing supplemental material for undergraduate, MBA, and executive business education. Books are available in both print and e-book formats. These short books (75-150 pages) will be supplemented, as necessary, with cases, articles, newsletters and podcasts, and to this end BEP distributes its books through ECCH, SIPX and Harvard Business Publishing – the leading providers of course packs.  Please visit BEP at to get a feel for who and what we publish in other areas of business.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider publishing a book with BEP. You could use such a book in your teaching, both in traditional settings and executive settings. The book could enhance your consulting practice. It would give you an easy “underlined item” on your vita. Business Expert Press will sell the books both in print and in digital collections to the business school libraries of the world. The library market is large – 7000 libraries globally – and the prices paid for these one-time sales are relatively high when compared to one-time, direct-to-consumer sales. Thus they yield good royalty potential.

My job as collection editor will be to guide you (the expert) through the topic selection, assist you in achieving an executive-oriented tone in your writing, and then support you through the production process. Professional editors will also help you polish the manuscript. Business Expert Press employs a quick, 120-day production timeline. All editors and operations are based in the United States.

This collection will capture the latest thinking, experiences and results in the increasingly important area of sports and entertainment services,?management and marketing,?which integrates a variety of?disciplines — including areas in?communication, social sciences, leisure studies, and?management–to focus education,?research and practice on an?expanding sports and entertainment economy.?Sports and entertainment  encompasses the?application of scientific, experiential,?and management disciplines to?tasks that one organization?performs beneficially for others,?generally as part of the sports and entertainment?sector of the economy.

Converting your expertise into actionable knowledge for executives is an important contribution that many of us in business education should make. If you have an idea for a book on sports or entertainment marketing or management that would fit this business model, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you further about this opportunity.



Lynn R. Kahle, BEP Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Management Acquisitions Editor
Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
University of Oregon, and

Rob Zwettler, BEP Executive Acquisitions Editor