Introducing ISSIP


Announcing the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals

Dear Friends,

Hello! With sponsorship of IBM, Cisco, HP and others, we launched a new non-profit organization called International Society of Service Innovation Professionals ( in the 4thquarter of 2012.

The mission of ISSIP is to promote service innovations for our interconnected world, linking multi-disciplinary practitioners and academics from diverse professional associations.

ISSIP is becoming a type of 21st century social system to co-create value, accelerating learning, discovery, and engagement to benefit society.

With this email, we hope to introduce ISSIP to the IS community in case there are any activities that we can collaborate on and co-create value for the community, students, researchers, educators and society over all.

IT is a fundamental driver of today’s growing service economy. ICT convergence (e.g. mobile, big data, cloud, social systems, cognitive systems, smart services, internet-of-things, sensors) and the digital transformation of organizations are creating new opportunities for new service-based business models, including the servitization of manufacturing (e.g., Rolls Royce, IBM, GE, and many more) and the service-oriented-X.

Interest is growing, and your involvement is welcomed to increase valuable outcomes.

  • Would you like to know more about what industry needs from researchers and educators?
  • Would you like to know more about the latest industry research findings?
  • How about teaching courses where there are industry related opportunities for student teams, open innovation, industry coached projects?
  • How about using "gamification" in your courses?
  • How about assigning industry mentors for students for their professional development?
  • How about setting up "student grand challenge" programs for IT enabled smarter-cities, -energy, -water, etc.?

You can learn more here:

Please note:

  • ISSIP membership is complimentary for individuals (current membership: 500 member from 40 companies, 100 universities, 5 government agencies, 30 countries)
  • ISSIP members lead & participate in sessions at ICIS, AMCIS, HICSS, INFORMS, ECIS, and also co-offer sessions in these conferences since 2013
  • ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program recognizes retired industry professionals who want to stay active as mentors for the next generation
  • ISSIP members access more than 70 open data sets used for research and education
  • ISSIP Open Innovation Coaching Program links corporate members and academic institutions (
  • ISSIP Ambassadors links societies (e.g. AIS, INFORMS, IEEE, ACM) with possible ISSIP sponsored best student paper awards
  • ISSIP SIGS on Cloud Mobility, Education and Research, Energy and Power, Future of Services, User Experience (
  • and many other projects that apply service innovation ideas to real business and societal challenges. BRING INNOVATIVE IDEAS.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional information ( or

Best Regards (Leadership Team –

  • Charlie Bess, ISSIP President, Fellow & Application Business Services Americas Chief Technology, HP
  • Jeff Welser, ISSIP Vice President, Director of Strategy & Almaden Services Research, IBM
  • Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director of ISSIP
  • Jim Spohrer, ISSIP BOD, Director of IBM Global University Program, IBM
  • Ralph Badinelli, ISSIP BOD, Professor, the Pamplin College of Business of Virginia Tech
  • Ana Pinczuk, ISSIP BOD, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Center, Cisco Services
  • Haluk Demirkan, ISSIP BOD, Associate Professor, the Milgard School of Business, University of Washington – Tacoma
  • Ammar Rayes, ISSIP Past President, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

Haluk Demirkan

  • Associate Professor of Service Science, Information Systems & Supply Chain Management
  • Executive Director of Center for Information Based Management, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington – Tacoma
  • Co-Founder & Board of Director, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (
  • Track Chair for Analytics, Mobile & Service Science at HICSS(
  • email: