TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 57(1)

It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Role of Self-Evaluations in Explaining Support of Environmental Issues
Scott Sonenshein, Katherine A. DeCelles, and Jane E. Dutton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competitive Parity, Status Disparity, and Mutual Forbearance: Securities Analysts’ Competition for Investor Attention
Anne H. Bowers, Henrich R. Greve, Hitoshi Mitsuhashi, and Joel A. C. Baum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Courage as Identity Work: Accounts of Workplace Courage
Melissa M. Koerner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Power to the Principals! An Experimental Look at Shareholder Say-On-Pay Voting
Ryan Krause, Kimberly A. Whitler, and Matthew Semadeni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Abusive Supervision and Retaliation: A Self-Control Framework
Huiwen Lian, Douglas J. Brown, D. Lance Ferris, Lindie H. Liang, Lisa M. Keeping, and Rachel Morrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On Melting Summits: The Limitations of Field-Configuring Events as Catalysts of Change in Transnational Climate Policy
Elke Schussler, Charles-Clemens Ruling, and Bettina B. F. Wittneben [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Goes Around Comes Around: Knowledge Hiding, Perceived Motivational Climate, and Creativity
Matej Cerne, Christina G. L. Nerstad, Anders Dysvik, and Miha Škerlavaj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making the Most of Where You Are: Geography, Networks, and Innovation in Organizations
Russell J. Funk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Falling from Great (and Not-So-Great) Heights: How Initial Status Position Influences Performance after Status Loss
Jennifer Carson Marr and Stefan Thau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the Locus of Invention: The Dynamics of Network Communities and Firms’ Invention Productivity
Maxim Sytch and Adam Tatarynowicz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Newcomers Abroad: Expatriate Adaptation during Early Phases of International Assignments
Brady M. Firth, Gilad Chen, Bradley L. Kirkman, and Kwanghyun Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Governance and Investors’ Perceptions of Foreign IPO Value: An Institutional Perspective
R. Greg Bell, Igor Filatotchev, and Ruth V. Aguilera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]