Revisit: Lovelock Career Award 2014


The AMA Services Marketing SIG calls for nominations for the Christopher Lovelock Career Contribution Award 2014; Deadline now 15 Mar 2014

I would like to call for proposals for the Christopher Lovelock Career Contribution Award 2014.

The "Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award" is presented annually by SERVSIG to the individual whose teaching, research and service have had the greatest long-term impact on the development of the services discipline. Career contributions of the candidates should be of long duration, preferably 15 to 20 years. Contributions to the services discipline should be significant, frequent, and include recent contributions.


  • Candidates for a SERVSIG Award do not have to be a member of SERVSIG or the AMA to be eligible or to win.
  • Candidates may be from anywhere in the world. From the beginning, SERVSIG has sought to be globally oriented and globally active.
  • Candidates for the awards do not have to be academics. SERVSIG recognizes the vital link between academe and business practice.

The SERVSIG thanks the following committee members for their commitment and their work:

Chair: Paul Patterson (UNSW) <>
Mary-Jo Bitner (ASU)
Ko DeRuyter (MaastrichtU)
Lloyd C Harris (Warwick)
Javier Reynoso (Monterrey)

Based on the proposals from the community and a defined procedure the award committees will chose candidates during the following weeks. If you feel that you would like to propose somebody for the lifetime award please contact the committee chair or send me an email ( no later than March 15th and it will be forwarded to the selection commitee.

The past years winners can be checked out at:

Best regards and we hope to get your proposals soon!

Werner Kunz