Revisit: Innovation and Emerging Economies


Innovation in and from Emerging Economies, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management; Deadline now 15 Apr 2014

Special Issue of Industrial Marketing Management
Innovation in and from Emerging Economies

Deadline for submissions extended to April 15th, 2014


Innovation is critical for an organization to grow and sustain its competitive advantage. A large body of research has investigated innovation from multiple theoretical perspectives. However, a large portion of this research relies on theories rooted in and data collected from developed economies. Innovation, once considered as a major activity undertaken mainly in developed economies, has begun to thrive in emerging economies and is gathering momentum to become rivals of developed economies (Luo, Sun, & Wang, 2011). As emerging economies continue to grow and prosper, the number of patents filed in countries such as China has risen dramatically in recent years (Sun & Lee, 2013). India’s Bharat Forge in forging, China’s BYD in batteries, and Brazil’s Embraer in jet aircraft and Natura in Cosmetics, among others have successfully introduced new products to the market. Meanwhile, multinational firms such as Microsoft, Cisco, and General Electric have established their research and development centers in emerging economies to strengthen their innovativeness. The rise of emerging market companies, together with the increasing emphasis of multinational firms on emerging economies, creates a fascinating opportunity for scholars to study innovation in and from these economies.

This special issue welcomes papers to address the rising importance of innovation in and from emerging economies. We especially welcome papers that integrate the unique characteristics of emerging economies in their conceptual development and empirical assessment. For example, as emerging economies have experienced massive changes in their economic, social, and political institutions, it is necessary to consider how institutional features and their changes affect firm strategies and decision makings (e.g., Iyer, LaPlaca & Sharma, 2006; Lee & Zhou, 2012; Sharma & Iyer, 2012; Tellis, Prabhu, & Chandy, 2009; Yang, Su, & Fam, 2012; Zhou, 2006). Topics could include but are not limited to the following:

  • How emerging economies are driving global innovation
  • The role of global supply chain management in supporting innovation in and from emerging economies
  • What roles do global purchasers play in facilitating innovation in and from emerging economies
  • How emerging country governments shape the global innovation landscape
  • The role of reverse innovation in emerging economies
  • Process innovation and product innovation in emerging economies
  • How institutional factors shape and influence innovation in emerging economies
  • The role of innovation vs. imitation in emerging economies
  • Innovation and sustainability

Manuscript submission should be sent electronically by April 15, 2014 as an MSWord file attached to an e-mail IMM@COB.FSU.EDU. Any inquiries can be sent to special issue coeditors:

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Paper submission deadline: 15 April 2014


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