TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 57(2)

The paradox of pharmaceutical CSR: The sincerity nexus
Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg, Timothy L. Fort [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using social media to report financial results
Raquel Meyer Alexander, James K. Gentry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building and transforming an emerging market global enterprise: Lessons from the Infosys journey
Sudheer Gupta, Daniel Shapiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An interview with Mark Roesler, CEO of CMG Worldwide
Marc J. Dollinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The game plan for aligning the organization
Stephan M. Wagner, Kristoph K.R. Ullrich, Sandra Transchel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robust supplier relationships: Key lessons from the economic downturn
Lisa M. Ellram, Daniel Krause [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The leadership disease. . .and its potential cures
Craig L. Pearce, Charles C. Manz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bringing product and consumer ecosystems to the strategic forefront
Mayukh Dass, Shivina Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diversity challenge: An integrated process to bridge the ‘implementation gap’
Rossella Riccò, Marco Guerci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What women want: Creation of a luxury brand
Judy Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Applying great management in a state agency: Indiana BMV’s journey from worst to first
Douglas R. Austrom, Timothy T. Baldwin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prime time: The strategic use of subconscious priming to enhance customer satisfaction
Robert C. Ford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reduce product counterfeiting: An integrated approach
Anne E. Wilcock, Kathryn A. Boys [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

TEACHING CASE Anatomy of a failure
Greg Fisher, Suresh Kotha [Publisher]

TEACHING NOTE Anatomy of a failure
Greg Fisher, Suresh Kotha [Publisher]

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