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om Ingram, Buddy LaForge and Business Expert Press call for book proposals on sales-related topics

Business Expert Press – Call for Book Proposals on Sales-Related Topics

Business Expert Press (BEP) focuses on producing applied, concise books for advanced business students and executives for course reading and reference.  These short books (75-150 pages) are used in executive education, MBA programs, and advanced undergraduate classes as well as for general executive readership.  The books are supplemented, as necessary, with cases, articles, newsletters and podcasts, and to this end BEP distributes its books through Harvard Business Press, SIPX, ECCH, and Xanedu – the leading providers of course packs (

The following books are in various stages of the publication process:

·         Joel LeBon: Competitive Intelligence and the Sales Force  (PUBLISHED)

·         Jaideep Motwani and Rob Ptacek: Lean Sales: How a Sales Manager Applied Lean Tools to Sales Processes and Exceeded His Goals (IN PRODUCTION)

·         Larry Chonko and Fernando Jaramillo: Sales Force Ethical Decision Making: A Guide for Sales Professionals

·         Richard Owens: Managing and Conducting Sales as a Project: Synergies between Sales Methodologies and Project Management Techniques

·         Kenneth LeMeunier-Fitzhugh and Leslie Caroline LeMeunier-Fitzhugh:  Creating Effective Sales and Marketing Relationships

·         Avinash Malshe and Wim Biemans: Ending the War Between Marketing and Sales

·         Joel LeBon and Carl Hermann:  Key Account Management

There are important reasons why you might want to consider publishing a book with BEP. You could use such a book in your teaching, both in traditional settings and executive settings. The book could also enhance your consulting practice and professional credentials. Business Expert Press sells the books both in print and in digital collections to the 7000 business school libraries of the world.

Our job as collection editors is to guide you through the entire book production process from the selection of a book topic through getting the book published and into the market.  Professional editors will also help you polish the manuscript. Business Expert Press employs a quick, 120-day production timeline.

 We are interested in talking to anyone who might be interested in writing a book on an important topic related to Selling and Sales Force Management.  Please contact either of us, if you would like to explore this valuable opportunity:

Tom Ingram, Colorado State University (; 970-491-3723 office; 970-218-5641 cell)

Buddy LaForge, University of Louisville (; 502-852-4849 office; 502-386-7045 cell)          


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