TOC: Annals Tour Res


Annals of Tourism Research, 45

Tourism research in China: Insights from insiders
Jigang Bao, Ganghua Chen, Ling Ma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authentication in sports tourism
Matthew Lamont [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spain’s new coastal destinations. 1883–1936: The mainstay of the development of tourism before the Second World War
Joan Carles Cirer-Costa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling locational factors for tourism employment
David J. Solnet, Robert C. Ford, Richard N.S. Robinson, Brent W. Ritchie, Mark Olsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Destination image: Do top-of-mind associations say it all?
Svetlana Stepchenkova, Xiang (Robert) Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist mental-imagery processing: Attention and arousal
Sung-Bum Kim, Dae-Young Kim, Paul Bolls [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconstructing the globalisation of tourism: A geo-historical perspective
Andreea Antonescu, Mathis Stock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of holiday-taking on affect and contentment
Maarten Kroesen, Susan Handy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The tourist plot: Antarctica and the modernity of nature
David Picard, Dennis Zuev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Medical tourism in tango paradise: The internet branding of cosmetic surgery in Argentina
Anahí Viladrich, Rita Baron-Faust [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moral disengagement of hotel guest negative WOM: Moral identity centrality, moral awareness, and anger
Hongwei He, Lloyd Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Inca Trail experien Does the journey matter?
Sarah Quinlan Cutler, Barbara Carmichael, Sean Doherty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism art and souvenirs: The material culture of tourism
Rodanthi Tzanelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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