TOC: Admin Sci Quart


Administrative Science Quarterly, 59(1)

The Paradox of Publicity: How Awards Can Negatively Affect the Evaluation of Quality
Balázs Kovács and Amanda J. Sharkey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Humble Chief Executive Officers’ Connections to Top Management Team Integration and Middle Managers’ Responses
Amy Y. Ou, Anne S. Tsui, Angelo J. Kinicki, David A. Waldman, Zhixing Xiao, and Lynda Jiwen Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finding a Home away from Home: Effects of Immigrants on Firms’ Foreign Location Choice and Performance
Exequiel Hernandez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Price You Pay: Price-setting as a Response to Norm Violations in the Market for Champagne Grapes
Amandine Ody-Brasier and Freek Vermeulen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Prior Experience Pay? Institutional Experience and the Multinational Corporation
Susan E. Perkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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