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The Academy of Marketing Science seeks nominations for Editor of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; Deadline 15 May 2014


Call for Nominations for Editor-in-Chief

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

The Academy of Marketing Science is seeking nominations and applications for the editor of Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. JAMS is considered a top journal for scholars seeking to publish their highest-quality, theoretically-sound and managerially- relevant research in marketing.

As background, in 2013 JAMS received 543 new submissions and had a 7.4% acceptance rate. JAMS is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November. Each issue typically includes 6 to 8 articles.

The new editor’s term starts June 1, 2015. This follows the end of the successful editorship of Professor Tomas Hult.  The editor’s term is for three years.  Criteria for evaluating candidates include the following:

  1. Leading scholar in marketing
  2. Openness to different theoretical and methodological approaches
  3. Strong skills as an editor and reviewer
  4. Demonstrated administrative skills
  5. Commitment by the editor’s university for support
  6. Ability and willingness to operate within AMS policies and guidelines

Further information about the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science can be obtained from http://www.springer.com/jams, http://www.facebook.com/JAMSupdates, and http://twitter.com/JAMS_Updates.

Nominations and applications (including self-nominations) should be sent no later than May 15, 2014 to Vicky Crittenden, AMS President.  The nomination/application should include the nominee’s/applicant’s curriculum vita and a brief discussion of the candidate’s editorial qualifications.

For questions, please contact:

Victoria L. Crittenden
Professor & Chair, Marketing Division
Babson College
+1 781.239.5715 (office phone)


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