TOC: J Mar Channels


Journal of Marketing Channels, 21(1)

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Neil C. Herndon Editor [Publisher]

Selling Versus Leasing of Durable Goods: The Impact on Marketing Channels
Ngan N. Chau & Steven A. Schulz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“I Love the Value From Shopping at Mass Merchants!” Consequences of Multichannel Shopping Value
Jihyun Kim Associate Professor PhD & Hyun-Hwa Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Ownership in Managing Interfirm Opportunism: A Dyadic Study
James R. Brown, Anjala S. Krishen & Chekitan S. Dev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtually Compatible or Risky Business? Investigating Consumers’ Proclivity Toward Online Banking Services
Stephen W. Wang, Maxwell K. Hsu, Lou E. Pelton & Danqing Xi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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