JHRM Awards


Judy Foster-Davis has won the Outstanding Paper Award for the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. Jennifer Scanlon, Judy Foster Davis and Inger Stole also received awards

The annual Emerald Publishing Literati Awards for Excellence celebrate the achievement of our authors and highlight the outstanding quality of the papers published in the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. Each year we acknowledge one Outstanding Paper Award and three Highly Commended Awards to authors of articles in the most recent volume of JHRM.

For articles published in JHRM Volume 5 (2013), the Outstanding Paper Award was earned by Judy Foster-Davis, Eastern Michigan University, for “Realizing Marketplace Opportunity: How Research on the Black Consumer Market Influenced Mainstream Marketers, 1920-1970”, V5.4.

The three Highly Commended articles were:

Jennifer Scanlon, Bowdoin College, “’A Dozen Ideas to the Minute’: Advertising Women, Advertising to Women”, V5.3;

Judy Foster Davis, Eastern Michigan University, “Beyond “Caste-typing?:”Caroline Robinson Jones, Advertising Pioneer and Trailblazer”, V5.3;

Inger Stole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Persuasion, Patriotism and PR: US Advertising in WWII”, V5.1.

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