Asian Markets and Consumers


Special issue of Marketing Letters, Edited by Bernd Schmitt; Deadline 1 Jul 2014



Guest Editor: Bernd Schmitt

Marketing Letters invites submissions for a special issue on Asian Markets and Consumers.

Numerous economic studies have identified East Asia – the region ranging from China to Indonesia and from India to Korea and the Philippines – as the major growth engine for the world economy for decades to come. By 2050, Asia is expected to be the dominant force of the world economy. Yet, our understanding of Asian markets and consumers is still rather limited. The Special Issue on Asian Markets and Consumers in Marketing Letters aims to close this gap by publishing high-quality and timely theoretical papers and empirical findings on Asian markets and consumers.

The research contributing to the Special Issue may take various forms in terms of methodology and topical focus. Methodologically, the paper may use, for example, quantitative modeling, behavioral experiments, surveys, or data mining, or a combination of methods. Topics may range from retail, distribution, or pricing issues in Asia to studies of consumer attitudes and decision making, and online Asian consumer behavior. Moreover, the paper may focus on any kind of market or consumer segment (for example, the “bottom of the pyramid,” middle class consumers, or affluent lifestyle consumers).

The ideal paper for the Special Issue is distinctly focused on Asia; that is, the paper sheds light on one individual Asian market or country, or compares different Asian markets and consumers in terms of structural characteristics, market dynamics, or the attitudes, mindset, decisions, or behavior of consumers. Cross-cultural studies (“East vs. West”) are of interest only if those studies address and advance new theory, identify new dimensions of cross-cultural comparisons, and/or reveal unique empirical insights. Finally, while academic in nature, the perspective and findings of the paper ideally address a significant applied marketing issue, thus bridging marketing theory and practice.

The deadline for initial submission to this special issue is July 1, 2014. The review process will feature a maximum of two rounds and final decisions will be made before December 1, 2014. The Special Issue will be published in 2014. Papers should be submitted online (, and authors should request that the paper be considered for this special issue. All papers must conform to Marketing Letters standard guidelines. The Special Issue will follow a double-blind reviewing procedure. Papers should be under 5,000 words, which is equivalent to 20 total pages, double-spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font.

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