TOC: Org Behavior Human Dec Processes


Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 123(2)

Behavioral ethics: New frontiers
Maureen L. Ambrose, Marshall Schminke, Scott J. Reynolds [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dark side of consecutive high performance goals: Linking goal setting, depletion, and unethical behavior
David T. Welsh, Lisa D. Ordóñez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial deprivation selectively shifts moral standards and compromises moral decisions
Eesha Sharma, Nina Mazar, Adam L. Alter, Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cheating more for less: Upward social comparisons motivate the poorly compensated to cheat
Leslie K. John, George Loewenstein, Scott I. Rick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Desire for a positive moral self-regard exacerbates escalation of commitment to initiatives with prosocial aims
Rebecca L. Schaumberg, Scott S. Wiltermuth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of moral knowledge in everyday immorality: What does it matter if I know what is right?
Scott J. Reynolds, Carolyn T. Dang, Kai Chi Yam, Keith Leavitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Just think about it”? Cognitive complexity and moral choice
Celia Moore, Ann E. Tenbrunsel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Behavioral ethics for Homo economicus, Homo heuristicus, and Homo duplex
Jesse Kluver, Rebecca Frazier, Jonathan Haidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The utility of a multifoci approach to the study of organizational justi A meta-analytic investigation into the consideration of normative rules, moral accountability, bandwidth-fidelity, and social exchange
Deborah E. Rupp, Ruodan Shao, Kisha S. Jones, Hui Liao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Legitimating the legitimate: A grounded theory study of legitimacy work among Ethics and Compliance Officers
Linda Klebe Treviño, Niki A. den Nieuwenboer, Glen E. Kreiner, Derron G. Bishop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better than ever? Employee reactions to ethical failures in organizations, and the ethical recovery paradox
Marshall Schminke, James Caldwell, Maureen L. Ambrose, Sean R. McMahon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Duty orientation: Theoretical development and preliminary construct testing
Sean T. Hannah, Peter L. Jennings, Dustin Bluhm, Ann Chunyan Peng, John M. Schaubroeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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