TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 51(2)

Placing Strategy Discourse in Context: Sociomateriality, Sensemaking, and Power
Julia Balogun, Claus Jacobs, Paula Jarzabkowski, Saku Mantere and Eero Vaara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Dynamics and Strategizing Processes: A Study of Strategic Conversations in Top Team Meetings
Feng Liu and Sally Maitlis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Double Edge of Ambiguity in Strategic Planning
Chahrazad Abdallah and Ann Langley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Micro-Level Discursive Strategies for Constructing Shared Views around Strategic Issues in Team Meetings
Winston Kwon, Ian Clarke and Ruth Wodak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Discursive Construction of Strategists’ Subjectivities: Towards a Paradox Lens on Strategy
Stéphanie Dameron and Christophe Torset [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategy, Discourse and Practice: The Intensification of Power
Cynthia Hardy and Robyn Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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