Performance Based Contracting


Special Issue of Industrial Marketing Management; Edited by Michael Essig, Andreas H. Glas, Kostas Selviaridis and Jens Roehrich; Deadline 15 Dec 2014

Industrial Marketing Management

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Performance Based Contracting

Deadline for Submission is December 15, 2014

The aim of this special issue is to advance our understanding of performance-based contracting in business markets and its multiple roles such as aligning incentives among supply chain partners and fostering innovation. This includes the identification of opportunities, challenges and differences relating to other contracting approaches. The Guest Editors are interested in manuscripts which empirically address performance-based contracting not only in manufacturing industries (e.g. investment goods), but also in business service industries and across public and private sector settings. We are less interested in papers that merely describe performance based contracting; priority will be given to papers which contribute to the overall understanding of performance based contracting providing evidence on an empirical basis, although the Guest Editors also welcome conceptual papers and literature reviews which are seminal in nature. Such studies should break new ground and advance our understanding of performance-based contracting.

We are especially interested in papers which make a theoretical and/or make a normative contribution to this territory. In terms of methodological approach, we do not privilege any particular research methodology and welcome articles based on quantitative or qualitative methods. In addition, we are interested in establishing how performance based contracting and their management is similar or different from more traditional or established contracting approaches. With this in mind, papers can focus on the nature of contracts: stakeholders, agreement and negotiation processes, performance indicators, incentive mechanisms, short-term and long-term effects, contract controlling and performance management, re-negotiations and contract end. Articles may, for instance, also focus on special – state-of-the-art industry case examples, when used to provide deeper insights into performance based contracting. A number of indicative topics are provided below, although that list is not exhaustive:

  • Performance based contracting: Conceptualizations and theoretical perspectives
  • Performance based contracting in different industries
  • Performance-based logistics
  • Performance-based contracting in service triads and networks
  • Supply chain relationships in performance-based contracting
  • Performance-based contracting in the context of procuring complex performance
  • Performance-based contracts for integrated products and services
  • Servitized business models and their relationship to performance-based contracting
  • Performance-based contracting and innovation
  • Capabilities for designing and managing performance-based contracts

The guest editors also invite authors to submit relevant and rigorous papers that may not necessarily fit in the areas listed above but are highly relevant to the theme of the special issue.

Manuscripts should comply with the quality, format and editorial policy of the journal. Manuscripts can be submitted electronically as a single file MSWord attachment to the guest editors with a copy to the editor. In the first instance all papers will be desk reviewed by the guest editors. Subsequent to this, manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer review process. It is a requirement that papers being submitted have not been published or are being considered for publication at another journal; your cover letter must state that the paper is in conformance with this requirement.

Submission deadline: December 15, 2014. Send your paper and cover letter as a single file MSWord attachment to the guest editors with a copy to the IMM Editor.

Guest Editors

Professor Michael Essig,
Bundeswehr University

Dr. Andreas H. Glas,
Bundeswehr University

Dr. Kostas Selviaridis,
Lund University

Dr Jens Roehrich,
Bath University

IMM Editor
Peter LaPlaca,

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