Consumer Vulnerability


Special issue of Journal of Marketing Management, Edited by Susan Dunnett, Kathy Hamilton and Maria Piacentini; Deadline 1 Feb 2015

Journal of Marketing Management Special Issue Call for Papers

Consumer Vulnerability

Guest Editors: Dr Susan Dunnett, University of Edinburgh, UK; Dr Kathy Hamilton, University of Strathclyde, UK; Professor Maria Piacentini, Lancaster University, UK.

Deadline for Submission: 1 February 2015

The last decade has seen a burgeoning body of research which moves beyond the mainstream to draw attention to vulnerable consumer groups and consumer experiences of vulnerability. Yet the notion of vulnerability is often operationalised as a label given to a particular group or demographic within society, we however, in line with Baker et al. (2005), view it as a state which all people may experience at some point in their lives. Thus vulnerability is not a permanent condition but one which can be encountered through events such as illness, bereavement, immigration, job loss, natural disaster and myriad consumer interactions. Scholarship in this domain has emphasised that service exchanges and relationships are often unsuccessful, not because of the consumer’s constraint per se, but because service providers fail to appreciate or are not sensitive to the resources and limitations of particular groups (Adkins & Ozanne 2005; Baker & Kaufman-Scarborough 2001; Kaufman-Scarborough & Baker 2005; Mason & Pavia, 2006; Penaloza, 1995; Piacentini, Hibbert & Hogg, 2013; Viswanathan, Rosa, & Harris 2005). In this special issue, we aim to bring to the fore ways in which so-called vulnerable consumers navigate various marketplace and service interactions, developing specific consumer skills in order to empower themselves in such exchanges (Atkins & Ozanne, 2005; Baker, 2006; Hill & Stephens, 1997; Wong & King 2008). Following our successful ESRC seminar series on consumer vulnerability, it is clear that that there are significant unexplored areas worthy of attention and that marketing and consumer research scholars can make an important contribution to this field. The Guest Editors welcome submissions from across the globe that offer insight into issues surrounding consumer vulnerability. We invite contributions from both the academy and practitioners, welcoming a solutions-based or Transformative Consumer Research approach (Mick et al., 2011) alongside theoretical pieces and broader empirical studies. …[Read More at the full Call for Papers]

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