Biswas Editor at JCM


Dipayan Biswas will be the new Editor of the Journal of Consumer Marketing

The Journal of Consumer Marketing is pleased to introduce Dipayan Biswas (University of South Florida) as the incoming Editor, starting April 2014.

Dip brings with him a strong contribution to research in consumer marketing and behavior, including publications in prestigious journals (such as JCR, JM, JMR, etc.), service on the boards of relevant journals, and recipient of coveted accolades, awards, and grants. He has ambitious plans for JCM and hopes to match innovation with rigor and credibility as he takes the journal forward.

Together with a revamped ERB team, the new Editor has planned several significant developments for JCM. Some of the planned changes are as follows:

1) Each round of review will be completed within 2 months (with possibly a few rare exceptions).

2) Every submission will get an acceptance/rejection decision latest by the end of the second round of reviews (again, possibly with a few rare exceptions).

3) Along with conceptual rigor, papers should have both strong theoretical as well as practical/managerial implications. The need to focus on strong practical/managerial implications will be a differentiating factor for JCM.

4) Papers accepted at JCM need to be highly interesting and should be thought provoking.

5) All methodologies and content areas (relating to consumer marketing) are acceptable. Papers with field experiments/studies are highly welcome.

Emerald would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Editor, Richard Leventhal, for his hard work on the journal, and for his significant contribution to JCM’s strong offering over many years.

Any papers submitted to JCM after 17th February will be handled by the incoming Editor, while Richard Leventhal will continue to process any papers that were under review before that date.

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