Partitioned Pricing


Ajay Abraham and Rebecca Hamilton seek published or unpublished experimental studies on partitioned pricing for a meta-analysis

Hello Everyone,

Rebecca Hamilton and I are working on a meta-analysis of partitioned pricing (Morwitz et al. 1998). To this end, we are looking for published or unpublished experimental studies in this area. Papers that we have already identified are appended to this message. If you are willing to share any additional published or unpublished results or data, please let me know (, and I will follow up with you.

Any inputs that you might have to offer would be extremely helpful and much appreciated!


Ajay T. Abraham
Doctoral Candidate in Marketing
Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

1) Ancarani, Gerstner, Posselt, and Radic (2009)
2) Albinsson, Burman, and Das (2010)
3) Baghi, Rubaltelli, and Tedeschi (2010)
4) Bertini and Wathieu (2008)
5) Blanthorne and Roberts (2011)
6) Burman and Biswas (2007)
7) Carlson and Weathers (2008)
8) Chakravarti, Krish, Paul, and Srivastava (2002)
9) Chatterjee (2010)
10) Cheema (2008)
11) Clark and Ward (2008)
12) Gierl and Bambauer-Sachse (2007)
13) Hamilton and Srivastava (2008)
14) Hossain and Morgan (2006)
15) Johnson, Herrmann, and Bauer (1999)
16) Kim (2006)
17) Lee and Han (2002)
18) Lewis, Singh, and Fay (2006)
19) Morwitz, Greenleaf, and Johnson (1998)
20) Morwitz, Greenleaf, Shalev, and Johnson (2009)
21) Ott and Andrus (2000)
22) Pan, Kuo, Pan, and Tu (2013)
23) Redden, Fitzsimons, and Williams (2007)
24) Schindler, Morrin, and Bechwati (2005)
25) Sheng, Bao, and Pan (2007)
26) Smith and Brynjolfsson (2001)
27) Völckner, Rühle, and Spann (2012)
28) Xia and Monroe (2004)
29) Yao and Zhang (2012)

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