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Journal of Marketing, 78(1)

Not All Fun and Games: Viral Marketing for Utilitarian Products
Christian Schulze, Lisa Schöler, and Bernd Skiera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments: Research Synthesis and New Directions
Manjit S. Yadav and Paul A. Pavlou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Quality: The Impact of Frequency, Timing, Proximity, and Sequence of Failures and Delights
K. Sivakumar, Mei Li, and Beibei Dong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Targeted Online Advertising: Using Reciprocity Appeals to Increase Acceptance Among Users of Free Web Services
Jan H. Schumann, Florian von Wangenheim, and Nicole Groene [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Synergistic Effects of Relationship Managers’ Social Networks on Sales Performance
Gabriel R. Gonzalez, Danny P. Claro, and Robert W. Palmatier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learned Helplessness Among Newly Hired Salespeople and the Influence of Leadership
Jeffrey P. Boichuk, Willy Bolander, Zachary R. Hall, Michael Ahearne, William J. Zahn, and Melissa Nieves [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making Choices While Smelling, Tasting, and Listening: The Role of Sensory (Dis)similarity When Sequentially Sampling Products
Dipayan Biswas, Lauren I. Labrecque, Donald R. Lehmann, and Ereni Markos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Three Charms but Four Alarms: Identifying the Optimal Number of Claims in Persuasion Settings
Suzanne B. Shu and Kurt A. Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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