TOC: J Pesonality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 106(1)

Do hedonic motives moderate regulatory focus motives? Evidence from the framing of persuasive messages.
Malaviya, Prashant; Brendl, C. Miguel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More intense experiences, less intense forecasts: Why people overweight probability specifications in affective forecasts.
Buechel, Eva C.; Zhang, Jiao; Morewedge, Carey K.; Vosgerau, Joachim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diminishing self-disclosure to maintain security in partners’ care.
Lemay Jr., Edward P.; Melville, Michael C. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Helping them stay where they are: Status effects on dependency/autonomy-oriented helping.
Nadler, Arie; Chernyak-Hai, Lily [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reading people’s minds from emotion expressions in interdependent decision making.
de Melo, Celso M.; Carnevale, Peter J.; Read, Stephen J.; Gratch, Jonathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anxiety doesn’t become you: How attachment anxiety compromises relational opportunities.
McClure, M. Joy; Lydon, John E. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personality and self-insight in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.
Schriber, Roberta A.; Robins, Richard W.; Solomon, Marjorie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value stability and change during self-chosen life transitions: Self-selection versus socialization effects.
Bardi, Anat; Buchanan, Kathryn E.; Goodwin, Robin; Slabu, Letitia; Robinson, Mark [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moral character predominates in person perception and evaluation.
Goodwin, Geoffrey P.; Piazza, Jared; Rozin, Paul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory focus in the life story: Prevention and promotion as expressed in three layers of personality.
Manczak, Erika M.; Zapata-Gietl, Claudia; McAdams, Dan P. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"The evolution of intergroup bias: Perceptions and attitudes in rhesus macaques": Retraction of Mahajan, Martinez, Gutierrez, Diesendruck, Banaji, and Santos (2011).
Mahajan, Neha; Martinez, Margaret A.; Gutierrez, Natashya L.; Diesendruck, Gil; Banaji, Mahzarin R.; Santos, Laurie R. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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