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Call for chapter submissions for Innovation Marketing: Balancing Internal and External Stakeholders' Interest for the Management of Innovation; Deadline 31 Jan 2014

Call for Chapters Springer book on:

Innovation Marketing – Balancing Internal and External Stakeholders Interest for the Management of Innovation



Innovation and marketing are getting increasingly interrelated. On one hand, innovative ideas need to reach the marketplace, thus marketing strategies, concepts and tools – such as the continuous development of new products and services – have become vital for their success. On the other hand, marketing management has always been influenced by innovation as illustrated recently by the way social media and Internet have revolutionized the traditional marketing-mix.

Consequently the linkages between innovation and marketing research need to be much stronger as companies have to convince internal and external stakeholders to achieve successful innovation strategies.

This edited volume brings together academics from both innovation and marketing fields to explore the additional value for companies that can be generated with the innovations in marketing and the marketing of innovations. State-of-the-art research from different perspectives will suit the needs of professionals and researchers alike.

Hence, the aims of this book are:

  • Bringing together current management research on innovation and marketing
  • Establishing of crucial linkages between both fields
  • Concentrating on managing expectations of both external and internal stakeholders

Research methods

Theoretical and conceptual papers on innovation marketing and challenges on the firm level are welcome. Empirical studies that feature examples and results of innovation marketing are encouraged, as well as papers on success factors and risks. Comparative studies that examine similarities and differences between different sectors and countries are also welcome.

Subject coverage

Topics include but are not limited to:

Theoretical aspects

  • Determination of integration levels
  • Innovation adoption theory
  • Interfaces to other innovation strategies
  • Management of Know-how transfer
  • Research on success factors
  • The role of the companies size
  • Organization within the companies
  • Management of networks
  • Country comparisons
  • Networks for service development and delivery

Firm-level challenges

  • Strategy process
  • Selection of appropriate partners
  • Resource management
  • Use of tools and toolkits
  • Determination of process interfaces
  • Legal issues
  • Cultural aspects
  • Risk management
  • Innovation Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation communication approaches
  • Commercialisation of results
  • Best practice examples
  • Feedback and controlling principles


  • Submission of manuscripts January 31th 2014
  • Review Feedback May 1st 2014
  • Revised paper submission August 15th 2014
  • Publication Autumn 2014

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