Future of Quantitative Marketing


Future of Quantitative Marketing, Special issue of Customer Needs and Solutions, Edited by Donald Lehmann, Oded Netzer and Olivier Toubia; Proposal deadline 15 Jan 2014

Special Issue on the Future of Quantitative Marketing
Customer Needs and Solutions


Proposals due: January 15th, 2014
Review of proposals completed by: January 22nd, 2014
Paper submissions due: May 31th, 2014

Special Issue Editors

Donald Lehmann, Columbia Business School, drl2@columbia.edu
Oded Netzer, Columbia Business School, on2110@columbia.edu
Olivier Toubia, Columbia Business School, ot2107@columbia.edu


We are seeking papers that use data to identify emerging trends in research in quantitative marketing.

The data may be primary and/or secondary. Secondary data may be textual (e.g., submissions to conferences, publications) and/or numerical (e.g., number of publications, citations, acceptance data). Primary data may include surveys of PhD students, Faculty, practitioners, etc. Data may also relate to trends in the non-academic world that should influence academic research. We hope that authors will use a variety of techniques to analyze their data (e.g., time series, text mining, data reduction techniques, choice modeling, etc.).

Time line and process

Authors interested in participating in this special issue should submit a short proposal (up to two pages) to the three co-editors by January 15th, 2014. This proposal should outline what specific questions the authors are interested in, the data they plan to use and how they plan to analyze them. These proposals will be reviewed in a timely manner (by January 22nd, 2014). Accepted proposals will be given the opportunity to be included in a special session at the Marketing Science conference in June 2014. Authors of accepted proposals will have until May 31th, 2014 to submit their full papers. Each paper may be as short as 5 pages, with no page limit.

Please email the three co-editors with questions about this special issue.

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