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Journal of Marketing Communications, 20(1/2)

Special Issue: Special Issue: Word of Mouth and Social Media

Word of mouth and social media
Allan J. Kimmel & Philip J. Kitchen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In Memoriam
Gayle Kerr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

WOM and social media: Presaging future directions for research and practice
Allan J. Kimmel & Philip J. Kitchen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Word-of-mouth marketing influence on offline and online communications: Evidence from case study research
Lars Groeger & Francis Buttle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Word-of-mouth rhetorics in social media talk
Anat Toder-Alon, Frédéric F. Brunel & Susan Fournier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How credibility affects eWOM reading: The influences of expertise, trustworthiness, and similarity on utilitarian and social functions
Jonas Reichelt, Jens Sievert & Frank Jacob [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

eWOM and the importance of capturing consumer attention within social media
Terry Daugherty & Ernest Hoffman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How ‘social’ are social media? A cross-cultural comparison of online and offline purchase decision influences
Kendall Goodrich & Marieke de Mooij [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding online firestorms: Negative word-of-mouth dynamics in social media networks
J. Pfeffer, T. Zorbach & K. M. Carley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tweet this, not that: A comparison between brand promotions in microblogging environments using celebrity and company-generated tweets
Natalie T. Wood & Janée N. Burkhalter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Missed eWOM opportunities: A cross-sector analysis of online monitoring behavior
Nora Ganim Barnes & Stephanie L. Jacobsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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