TOC: J Direct Data Digital Mar Prac


Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 15(2)

New ways to gain insight into new behaviours
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-operation between academics and practitioners [mdash] hope for the future?
Merlin Stone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Piano Media profiles visitors and drives conversion
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer acceptance of mobile marketing communications using the QR code
Jay Sang Ryu and Kenneth Murdock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research in a world without questions
Tom Ewing and Bob Pankauskas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer protection from unfair trading (amendment) regulations 2013
Maxine Finding [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Draft consumer contracts (information, cancellation and additional payments) regulations 2013
Emma Harrington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ICO fuels nuisance call debate
Sue Gold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New ICO guidance on direct marketing
Stephen Groom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Big changes to Facebook page terms for sweepstakes and contests administration
Nick Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Did use of YouTube targeting function ensure age gate kept shut?
Thomas Spanyol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The safety of Safe Harbor
Emily Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

AOP content and trends Census 2013
Tim Cain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

fast.MAP Marketing-GAP research [mdash] IDM-sponsored questions
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

IDM Data Council open data discussion
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

DataIQ Future Summit 2013 [mdash] Conference review
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Open Data Institute/Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing joint event
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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