TOC: Consumption Markets Cult


Consumption Markets & Culture, 17(2)

Nostalgia in the twenty-first century
Kathy Hamilton, Sarah Edwards, Faye Hammill, Beverly Wagner & Juliette Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do we do the past differently now? An interview with David Lowenthal
Sarah Edwards & Juliette Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nostalgia is not what it used to be: heritage films, nostalgia websites and contemporary consumers
Andrew Higson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hysterical nostalgia in the postcolony: from Coming Home to District 9
Dennis Walder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting the “passée”: history rewriting in the neo-burlesque community
Annie Blanchette [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Brighton beach to blogs: exploring food-related nostalgia in the Russian diaspora
Susan L. Holak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Removing the rough edges? Nostalgia and storytelling at a UK museum
Kirsty Devine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nostalgia, reflexivity, and the narratives of self: reflections on Devine’s “Removing the rough edges?”
Aliakbar Jafari & Babak Taheri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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