INBAM 2014


International Network of Business and Management Journals, Barcelona, 25-27 Jun 2014, Track on Transformative Service Research and SIJ special issue; Deadline 15 Feb

Call for papers

The fourth conference of the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM) will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 25-27 June, 2014. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Universitat de Barcelona will host this unique event.

Track information – "Transformative Service Research (TSR): Theoretical, Conceptual, and Practical Advancement"


Track chairs:

Dr. Mark Rosenbaum, Editor Associate, Northern Illinois University (USA)

Àlex Rialp, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Call for papers

TSR, one of the contemporary service research priorities described in Ostrom et al. (2010), addresses important issues that lie at the intersection of service research and transformative consumer research. TSR is a relatively new paradigm that focuses on how service providers and organizations help create positive changes and improvements in the well-being of consumers, employees, collectives, and society. Scholars from both within and outside of business disciplines are encouraged to submit papers that examine the relationship between service and human well-being.

Of particular interest are papers that focus on service and its effect on well-being outcomes not typically examined in service research including outcomes such as, health, happiness, decreasing disparities, quality of life. All approaches (empirical, analytical, or conceptual) that create or extend theory, as well as theoretical applications via case studies, are welcome. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Service and the well-being of different populations especially those susceptible to vulnerability
  • Service and the well-being of families or other collectives
  • Co-production/co-creation and its effect on well-being
  • Service access and its impact on well-being
  • The role of service in affecting literacy, health, and the increase or decrease in disparities
  • Negative impact of services (e.g., Internet, gaming, gambling, contexts) on human well-being
  • Service innovation and well-being
  • Commercial and not-for-profit service contexts on well-being
  • Service design and well-being
  • Service systems and well-being
  • Sustainability and green marketing issues in services, as they relate to a societal impact
  • Metrics for the measurement of well-being and services
  • The role of service providers in promoting consumer well-being

Authors that have any questions are encouraged to contact Dr. Mark Rosenbaum, Northern Illinois University, via email


Ostrom, A. and colleagues (2010), “Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service,” Journal of Service Research, 13(1), 14-36. Article available at:

Rosenbaum, M.S. and colleagues (2011), “Conceptualization and Aspirations of Transformative Research,” Journal of Research for Consumers, Vol. 19. Article available at:

Anderson L and colleagues (2013), Transformative service research: An agenda for the future, Journal of Business Research, 66 (8), 1203-1210.


Original papers should be submitted until 15th February, 2014. Those papers that do not reach the required standards of quality and rigour demanded by this journal, in terms of theoretical framework and methodology, will not be accepted for presentation at the Conference. Detailed guidelines for presentations will be sent with acceptance letters.

Full papers should be submitted electronically via the INBAM website following the guidelines of each journal. The entire paper should be organized in ONE document in Word format (.DOC or .DOCX). The first page is the title page. Provide full title, author‘s name, position, affiliation, and present address. Also, include an e-mail address for editorial correspondence. If there is more than one author, note with an asterisk (*) the author who should receive correspondence.

All accepted full papers will be in the conference proceedings (with ISBN).

The editor-in-chief and guests editors will be responsible for the session and the subsequent review process.

A paper may only be submitted to one journal and a conference participant may only be the presenter on two papers across all sessions-tracks.


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