TOC: Multivariate Behavioral Res


Multivariate Behavioral Research, 48(6)

Understanding Linkages Among Mixture Models
Sonya K. Sterba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finite Mixtures for Simultaneously Modeling Differential Effects and Nonnormal Distributions
Melissa R. W. George, Na Yang, Thomas Jaki, Daniel J. Feaster, Andrea E. Lamont, Dawn K. Wilson & M. Lee Van Horn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contextualized Personality Questionnaires: A Case for Copulas in Structural Equation Models for Categorical Data
Johan Braeken, Peter Kuppens, Paul De Boeck & Francis Tuerlinckx [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flexible Mediation Analysis in the Presence of Nonlinear Relations: Beyond the Mediation Formula
Tom Loeys, Beatrijs Moerkerke, Olivia De Smet, Ann Buysse, Johan Steen & Stijn Vansteelandt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ANCOVA Versus CHANGE From Baseline in Nonrandomized Studies: The Difference
Gerard J. P. van Breukelen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of the Raters’ Marginal Distributions on Their Matched Agreement: A Rescaling Framework for Interpreting Kappa
Tzur M. Karelitz & David V. Budescu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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