Panel and Scanner Data


The James M. Kilts Center for Marketing at Chicago Booth, and Nielsen, are making two consumer marketing data sets available

The James M. Kilts Center for Marketing at Chicago Booth and the Nielsen Company have partnered to make two consumer marketing datasets available to US-based academic researchers, including tenure-line faculty and their PhD students. We are working with Nielsen to expand access to non-US-based researchers and hope to begin providing those subscriptions in the next year.

The datasets have been validated and maintained by a combination of highly skilled researchers, data analysts, using advanced validation and screening processes. The data cover a wide range of product categories, retail channels, stores, and geographic markets in the United States.

·         – Consumer panel data for 40,000-60,000 household from across all US markets, including details about all purchases made from 1,100 product categories between 2004 and 2010. Years 2011 and 2012 to be released soon.

·         – Retail scanner data for approximately 35,000 retail stores across the US, made up of 2.6 million UPCs from the 1,100 product categories. These data cover years 2006-2010. Years 2011 and 2012 to be released soon.

Availability of these rich data provides academic researchers from a range of disciplines new opportunities to explore the dynamics of purchasing behavior across the United States. Researchers can address important questions on topics relevant to marketing, economics, finance, policy, and health, among others. The size, scope, breadth, and longitudinal timeframe of these data make them unique.

Researchers can integrate the two datasets to enable additional types of research. A subscription and individual user registration is required to gain access to one or both datasets. Subscriptions include annual updates to the data. Learn more about subscription pricing, FAQ’s, and how to subscribe >

If you have questions about the data or are a non-US-based faculty member interested in being notified when we expand access, please send us your contact information.

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