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Journal of Marketing Management, 29(15/16)

Exploring the relationship between individual values and the customer orientation of front-line employees
Carlos M. P. Sousa & Filipe Coelho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of how design-oriented organisations implement design thinking
Steven Chen & Alladi Venkatesh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An extension of the benefit segmentation base for the consumption of organic foods: A time perspective
Marwa Gad Mohsen & Scott Dacko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural consumption, interactive sociality, and the museum
Aliakbar Jafari, Babak Taheri & Dirk vom Lehn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conceptualising town centre image and the customer experience
Cathy Hart, Grazyna Stachow & John W. Cadogan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A practitioner-led strategic place brand-management model
Sonya Hanna & Jennifer Rowley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of trust over time within a social network mediated environment
Adrian Palmer & Qunying Huo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A critical examination of service loyalty measures
Dahlia El-Manstrly & Tina Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deconstructing the meerkat: fabular anthropomorphism, popular culture, and the market
Chris Miles & Yasmin Ibrahim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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