TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 118(3)

Abstract Knowledge and Reified Financial Innovation: Building Wisdom and Ethics Into Financial Innovation Networks
David Rooney, Tom Mandeville & Tim Kastelle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Investigation on Firms? Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China
Xiaoyu Zhou, Yi Han & Rui Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to Spot a Careerist Early On: Psychopathy and Exchange Ideology as Predictors of Careerism
Dan S. Chiaburu, Gonzalo J. Muñoz & Richard G. Gardner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Natural Link Between Virtue Ethics and Political Virtue: The Morality of the Market
Javier Aranzadi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management Responses to Social Activism in an Era of Corporate Responsibility: A Case Study
Katinka C. Cranenburgh, Kellie Liket & Nigel Roome [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If You Can?t See the Forest for the Trees, You Might Just Cut Down the Forest: The Perils of Forced Choice on ?Seemingly? Unethical Decision-Making
Michael O. Wood, Theodore J. Noseworthy & Scott R. Colwell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ESG in Focus: The Australian Evidence
Jeremy Galbreath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Costs of Organisational Injustice in the Hungarian Health Care System
Márta Somogyvári [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

E Pluribus Unum? Legitimacy Issues and Multi-stakeholder Codes of Conduct
Valentina Mele & Donald H. Schepers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feeling Good by Doing Good: Employee CSR-Induced Attributions, Job Satisfaction, and the Role of Charismatic Leadership
Pavlos A. Vlachos, Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos & Adam A. Rapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benchmarking Tendencies in Managerial Mindsets: Prioritizing Stockholders and Stakeholders in Peru, South Africa, and the United States
John A. Parnell, Gregory J. Scott & Georgios Angelopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethics and Expertise: A Social Networks Perspective
Seung Hwan Mark Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Standing by Your Organization: The Impact of Organizational Identification and Abusive Supervision on Followers? Perceived Cohesion and Tendency to Gossip
Stijn Decoster, Jeroen Camps, Jeroen Stouten, Lore Vandevyvere & Thomas M. Tripp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Ethics in 21st Century Organizations
William H. Bishop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dilemmas, Conspiracies, and Sophie?s Choice: Vignette Themes and Ethical Judgments
Peter E. Mudrack & E. Sharon Mason [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards a More ?Ethically Correct? Governance for Economic Sustainability
Christos N. Pitelis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fighting Software Piracy: Which Governance Tools Matter in Africa?
Antonio R. Andrés & Simplice A. Asongu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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