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2014 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Indianapolis, 21-23 May 2014; Deadline now 20 Dec

2014 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference
Indianapolis, IN — J.W. Marriott
May 21 – 23, 2014

Conference Theme:

Let’s Get Engaged! Crossing the Threshold of Marketing’s Engagement Era

Conference Program Co-Chairs:

Brad Carlson, Saint Louis University
Todd Donavan, Colorado State University

"The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing"

– John Russell, President, Harley-Davidson

The focus of effective marketing has evolved in numerous ways over the past decade. However, now more than ever, successful marketing in all its many forms is largely dependent upon the ability to facilitate and sustain meaningful, engaging experiences for stakeholders. Not only have the momentous advances in technology and communications in recent years forever altered the nature of information dissemination from marketers to various stakeholders, but they have led to a re-imagination of expectations for both personal and professional activities. Customers have abandoned the influence of traditional one-way communication in favor of deeply engaging, multi-directional conversations that simultaneously span multiple media. Employee engagement has been steadily decreasing as employees feel less connected to organizations that hold fast to tried-and-true, yet decreasingly relevant practices to recruit, retain, and reward talent. Shifting societal expectations demand that organizations become genuinely involved with local communities in a way that monetary contributions alone cannot achieve. Students are growing increasingly dissatisfied with conventional methods of lecture-based teaching and fact-based testing in favor of student-centered, experiential activities that captivate and motivate students to apply marketing concepts to solve real issues. The theme of the 2014 AMS Annual Meeting focuses on identifying novel ideas, refining contemporary ideas, and re-defining outdated ideas in marketing.

We invite scholars across all of the disciplines within marketing to submit their novel ideas, their research results, and their refinements of current ideas, as well as their suggestions for special sessions that have direct or tangential connection to the conference theme. Also, we welcome ideas that may not be directly related to the theme. Other theory, research results and special sessions across the broad spectrum of our discipline as indicated by the many tracks included are also of interest, and we encourage your submission(s).

The venue of the conference is the J.W. Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The hotel is surrounded by more than 200 restaurants and clubs, well-known sports venues, and a 10-block state park that features top museums, green space and a convenient canal walk in addition to a four-story urban shopping mall. Nationally recognized restaurants range from Shapiro’s (which USA Today called one of America’s greatest delis), to Goose The Market (ranked by Bon Appetit as one of their Top 10 U.S. sandwich shops), to St. Elmo Steak House (home of the hottest meal in the world, as declared by the Travel Channel). Other attractions include the Indianapolis Zoo (ranked among the nation’s top 10 zoos by TripAdvisor) and the Indianapolis Museum of Art—one of the country’s 10 largest and oldest general art museums.

To participate, submit competitive papers or special session proposals electronically using the conference management system to the appropriate track chair listed below.

Important Note: it is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks. Additionally, the first author assumes the responsibility of insuring that at least one author attends the conference to present the paper. Papers that are not presented in the conference will be excluded from the proceedings. We look forward to seeing you and engaging in the lively intellectual discussions and warm fellowship that are trademarks of the Academy of Marketing Science.

AMS Web Site:

Annual Conference Home Page:

Submission Deadline: December 20, 2013

Program Chairpersons

Brad D. Carlson
Program Co-Chair
Department of Marketing
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: 314-977-3894

D. Todd Donavan
Program Co-Chair
Department of Marketing
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1278
Phone: 970-491-6897

Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts and Special Session Proposals

All manuscripts and special session proposals are to be submitted using a pdf document via the on-line submission process at the following website:

Authors may communicate with either or both of the track chairs regarding a submission.

Manuscripts should follow the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science style guidelines (found at

Competitive research papers may be submitted either as:
(1) a full paper or
(2) a structured abstract.

Full paper submissions should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages (Times New Roman or Calibri 12 pt. font) in total length including all exhibits and references. Be sure to include the title information with each submission but do not include a title page in the submitted document file itself. The name of the paper, names and affiliations of each author, and complete contact information for the corresponding author (surface mail address, e-mail address, fax, and phone number) will be requested as part of the submission dialog. Important note: It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks. Manuscripts will be double blind reviewed. Only papers submitted as full papers can be published as full papers. Full papers may also be published as one page abstracts in brief.

Structured abstracts submissions are allowed and should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages following the same style guidelines as above. A sample structured abstract can be found on the conference web page. Structured abstracts can only be published as structured abstracts or as one page abstracts in brief.

Upon acceptance, the author agrees to: (a) release the copyright to the Academy of Marketing Science unless choosing to publish only an abstract; (b) submit the manuscript in correct format in a timely fashion according to the instructions provided by the Proceedings Editor; and (c) have at least one author appear at the conference to present the paper. The page limit for published full papers is 8 single-spaced pages. Longer papers (up to 12 pages) will be allowed at the rate of US$50 per page over the limit. Any accepted manuscripts not presented at the conference will not be published in an AMS Proceedings. Accepted papers will undergo a further edit for style prior to the meeting and final pdf files will be uploaded to the system for submission to the Proceedings Editor. Detailed instructions will be provided by the Proceedings Editor at that time. It is ultimately the author’s responsibility to see that any paper accepted for publication is provided to the Proceedings Editor and appropriate track chair on time and in the proper format.

Special session/panel proposals can be submitted through the conference management system to the special session submissions track. Proposals should contain a 100-word bio of each speaker, a one-page description of the session, and a one-page description of each presentation. Please contact one of the special session submission co-chairs prior to uploading a proposal submission. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation. The program team welcomes all ideas for presentations, workshops or other sessions that may be of interest to the AMS Fellows. Please contact an appropriate program manager with your ideas.

Conference Tracks and Track Chairs:

Consumer Targeted Communications (advertising, promotion, and communications)
Kate Pounders, University of Texas,
Kevin Thomas, University of Texas,

Building Brands People Love (branding and brand management)
George Christodoulides, Birkbeck, University of London,
Cleopatra Veloutsou, University of Glasgow,

Help Me Help You (business-to-business marketing)
Ivan Lapuka, Saint Louis University,
Dimitri Kapelianis, University of New Mexico,

Consumer Advocacy and Betrayal (consumer-to-consumer marketing)
Vishal Lala, Pace University,
Pradeep Gopalakrishna, Pace University,

Marketing from Inception to Disposal (channel activities and processes)
Mark Houston, Texas Christian University,
Edward Bond, Bradley University,

Why They Care about What You’re Selling (consumer behavior)
Anjala Krishen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
Dipayan Biswas, University of South Florida,

Friends Stick Together (customer relationship management)
Stephanie Noble, University of Tennessee Knoxville,
Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Southern Illinois University,

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (service marketing)
Peggy Chaudhry, Villanova,
Casey Musgrove, Indiana University Southeast,

I See Myself in this Brand, Literally (creating and co-creating customer value)
Susan Fournier, Boston University,
Benjamin Lawrence, Cornell University,

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Success (entrepreneurship and small business marketing)
Glenn Omura, Michigan State University,
Morgan Miles, University of Tasmania,

Brand Leveraging via Events and Sponsorship (event marketing and sponsorship)
Joe Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University,
Tobias Schaefers, Technical University Dortmund, Germany,

It’s all about the Experience (experiential marketing)
Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago,
Marco Wolf, University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast,

Marketing beyond Borders (global and cross-cultural marketing)
Aviv Shoham, University of Haifa,
Kalanit Efrat, Haifa University,

Connected Consumers in a Digital Market (Internet marketing and connected consumers)
Monika Kukar-Kinney, University of Richmond,
Lan Xia, Bentley University,

Teaching Marketing that Sticks (marketing pedagogy)
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Griffith University, AUS,
Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Bryant University,

Developing Insights that Matter (marketing research, measurement and metrics)
Kevin Voss, Oklahoma State University,
Alex Zablah, George Mason University,

Great Outcomes Require Great Vision (marketing strategy)
Robert Morgan, Cardiff University,
Constantinos Leonidou, University of Leeds,

Products Consumers Can’t Live Without (product development and design)
Jeff Schmidt, University of Oklahoma,
Kumar Sarangee, Santa Clara University,

Creating Retail Landscapes that Sell (retail marketing)
Lauren Beitelspacher, Portland State University,
Dahlia El-Manstrly, University of Edinburgh Business School,

Face-to-Face Marketing (selling and sales management)
Mark Groza, University of Northern Illinois,
Charles Ragland, The University of Toledo,

Don’t Talk at Them…Engage Them! (social media engagement)
Tracy Suter, Oklahoma State University,
Allyn White, Loyola University New Orleans,

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility (social, ethical, and public policy issues in marketing)
John Peloza, Florida State University,
Todd Green, University of Stirling,

If You Build it They Will Come (sports marketing)
Don Roy, Middle Tennessee State University,
Kevin Gwinner, Kansas State University,

Creating Marketing Flow (supply chain marketing)
Donna Davis, University of South Florida,
Rob Hooker, University of South Florida,

Invest in the Journey (sustainability)
J. Joseph Cronin, Florida State University,
Jeff Smith, Florida State University,

New Gadgets from Me to You (technology and marketing)
George Deitz, University of Memphis,
Robert M. Morgan, University of Alabama,

Feel Good Marketing (health care marketing)
Avinandan Mukherjee, Montclair State University,
Vivek Natarajan, Lamar University,

I’ll Drink to That (beer, wine, spirits, and refreshments)
Barry Babin, Louisiana Tech University,
Obinna Obilo, Louisiana Tech University,

Special Session Submissions

Christina Chung, Ramapo College of New Jersey,
Michael Rodriguez, Elon University,
Mary Kay Inc., Doctoral Dissertation Competition
Michael Solomon, Saint Josephs University,
Michael Ahearne, University of Houston,
Lamb-Hair-McDaniel AMS Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award
Paul Busch, Texas A&M University,
Brian Vander Schee, Aurora University,
Chuck Fifield, Baylor University,

Doctoral Colloquium

John Ford, Old Dominion University, USA,
Altaf Merchant, University of Washington, Tacoma,

Proceedings Editor

Mike Obal, Temple University,

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