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Marketing Science, 32(6)

The Dynamic Effects of Bundling as a Product Strategy
Timothy Derdenger, Vineet Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Value of Reputation in an Online Freelance Marketplace
Hema Yoganarasimhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Correcting Audience Externalities in Television Advertising
Kenneth C. Wilbur, Linli Xu, David Kempe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Invited Paper – Learning Models: An Assessment of Progress, Challenges, and New Developments
Andrew T. Ching, Tülin Erdem, Michael P. Keane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wedded Bliss or Tainted Love? Stock Market Reactions to the Introduction of Cobranded Products
Zixia Cao, Alina Sorescu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neighborhood Social Capital and Social Learning for Experience Attributes of Products
Jae Young Lee, David R. Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling Choice Interdependence in a Social Network
Jing Wang, Anocha Aribarg, Yves F. Atchadé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Profit-Increasing Consumer Exit
Amit Pazgal, David Soberman, Raphael Thomadsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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