TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 16(4)

The gift of advice: communication in a bilateral gift exchange game
David J. Cooper & John P. Lightle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Confusion and learning in the voluntary contributions game
Ralph-C. Bayer, Elke Renner & Rupert Sausgruber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heterogeneity, Coordination and the Provision of Best-Shot Public Goods
Todd L. Cherry, Stephen J. Cotten & Stephan Kroll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do core-selecting Combinatorial Clock Auctions always lead to high efficiency? An experimental analysis of spectrum auction designs
Martin Bichler, Pasha Shabalin & Jürgen Wolf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

My five pounds are not as good as yours, so I will spend them
Sotiris Vandoros [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How sensitive are bargaining outcomes to changes in disagreement payoffs?
Nejat Anbarci & Nick Feltovich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An examination of the effect of messages on cooperation under double-blind and single-blind payoff procedures
Cary Deck, Maroš Servátka & Steven Tucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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