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Journal of Marketing Management, 29(13/14)

Marketing beyond the frontier? Researching the new marketing landscape of virtual worlds
Mike Saren, Tracy Harwood, Janet Ward & Alladi Venkatesh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles

Exploring real-brand meanings and goods in virtual-world social interaction: Enhanced rewards, rarity, and realism
Sara Steffes Hansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modelling the determinants of a simulated experience in a virtual retail store and users’ product purchasing intentions
Savvas Papagiannidis, Eleonora Pantano, Eric W.K. See-To & Michael Bourlakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Metaverse-retail service quality: A future framework for retail service quality in the 3D internet
Eman Gadalla, Kathy Keeling & Ibrahim Abosag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

At world’s end: Exploring consumer-marketer tensions in the closure of adverworlds
Daiane Scaraboto, Leah Carter-Schneider & Richard Kedzior [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Electronic sports: A new marketing landscape of the experience economy
Yuri Seo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Redistributed consumer desire in digital virtual worlds of consumption
Janice Denegri-Knott & Mike Molesworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Commentary

Virtuality as place and process
Nikhilesh Dholakia & Ian Reyes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Charting the organisational knowledge-creation process: An innovation-process perspective
Hammad Akbar & Nikolaos Tzokas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping behaviour and satisfaction outcomes
Eric P. Jack & Thomas L. Powers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A modest proposal: A response to the marketing challenges presented by the crisis confronting humanity in respect to the requirement to feed nine billion by 2050
John Desmond [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

How brands grow: What marketers don’t know
Peter Reeves [Publisher]

Branded male: Marketing to men
Matthew Kearney [Publisher]

Adland: A global history of advertising
Terry O’Sullivan [Publisher]

Boomer marketing: Selling to a recession resistant market
Margaret K. Hogg [Publisher]

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