Evidence-Based Persuasion


Scott Armstrong seeks pre-submission peer review and literature suggestions on evidence-based persuasion

We have finished our working paper and are looking for peer review prior to submission from anyone who might be willing to help. In addition, we would like to know whether we have overlooked any relevant literature — perhaps yours?

Predictive Validity of Evidence-Based Persuasion Principles:An Application of the Index Method

Abstract: The predictive validity of an index based on evidence-based persuasion principles was tested using 96 pairs of print advertisements and associated recall data. Predictions of which ad was most effective in each pair based on ratings by self-trained novices were correct for 73% of the pairs, which is substantially better than guessing (50%). Predictions from unaided judgment by advertising experts (n=96) were correct for 55% of the pairs.

-J. Scott Armstrong
Wharton School, JMHH 747
U. of Pennsylvania, Phila., PA 19104
Home Phone 610-622-6480

You can access my papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) at http://ssrn.com/author=116288

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