Marketing in Emerging Markets


Marketing in Emerging Markets, Special issue of Qualitative Market Research; Deadline 31 Aug 2014

Marketing in Emerging Markets Special Issue Call for Papers
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

While emerging markets are very attractive to all types of firms due to the business potential they offer, they also pose a high level of risk to businesses in many ways. The purpose of this special issue is to identify those issues by conceptually, theoretically and empirically grounding them into academic domain and use findings to explain managerial implications of those risks and propose solutions relevant to national and international practitioners aiming to operate in emerging markets. The complexity and competition that exist in emerging markets highlights the need of qualitative research methods to be used by researchers for exploring, understanding and identifying opportunities and threats related to emerging markets.

Research Topics

We welcome critically thought after papers that enhance the current understanding of issues related to emerging markets and provide directions for successfully managing business in emerging markets. We welcome new and papers that have adapted existing theories in the new light and have strongly underpinned their concepts in existing academic knowledge. Original contributions will initially be reviewed by guest editors and those who pass through the desk of guest editors will go through traditional blind review process.

The special issue is open to following subjects but not restricted to, when they are seen in the context of emerging markets:

  • Competitive nature of market
  • Social Media and consumers in emerging markets
  • Culture and base of the pyramid
  • Ethical issues in emerging markets
  • Social issues in emerging markets
  • Use of Technology in emerging markets
  • Brand, Image and identity management in emerging markets
  • Management of Business-to-business networks in emerging markets
  • Outsourcing to emerging markets
  • Business sustainability and emerging markets
  • Marketing and millennium development goals

Submission deadline: 31st August 2014

Submission guidelines

All submissions to this special issue of Qualitative Market Research are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at

Important: When submitting a manuscript, on section 4 `Details & Comments’ make sure you select the type of issue you are submitting your manuscript to otherwise your paper will be submitted to the general journal and will not be considered for the special issue.

Authors are expected to ensure that first page of their manuscript consists of names of the authors, their affiliations and email addresses.

For full details of manuscripts submissions read the author guidelines which can be found here.

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