TOC: Young Consumers


Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers, 14(4)

Brian Young [Publisher]

Influences in Children’s Materialism: a conceptual Framework
Juan Francisco Dávila Blázquez, Mònica Casabayó Bonás [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Children’s food meanings and eating contexts: schools and their surroundings
Ana Horta, Monica Truninger, Silvia Alexandre, Jose Teixeira, Vanda Aparecida da Silva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"I love my bones!" – Self-harm and dangerous eating youth behaviours in Portuguese written blogs
Teresa Sofia Castro, António José Osório [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Objects for a ‘healthy life style’ Children’s material culture and physical activities
Pascale GARNIER [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Licensing and the rhetoric of fun: the cute and the cool
Gilles Brougère [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deconstructing Emo Lifestyle and Aesthetics: a netnographic research
Ariela Mortara, Simona Ironico [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘You can’t buy friends, but…’ Children’s perception of consumption and friendship
Erika Lundby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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