TOC: Intl Rev Retail Dist Con Res


International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 23(5)

Guest Editorial
Marta Frasquet & Alejandro Mollá [Publisher]

Internal brand commitment, a multi-dimensional construct? Case study evidence within a collaborative independent retail network context
Edmund O’Callaghan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived value of retail service and loyalty to the commercial chain: the role of propensity to buy store brands
Natalia Rubio, Nieves Villaseñor & María Jesús Yagüe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Display signs and involvement: the visual path to purchase intention
Bridget K. Behe, Jing Zhao, Lynne Sage, Patricia T. Huddleston & Stella Minahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Viability of demographic and behavioural independent variables in quantile regression models in predicting retail patronage
Heli Marjanen, Janne Engblom & Meri Malmari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance effects of category assortment and stock allocation decisions for a cash-and-carry wholesaler
Jack Cadeaux & Larry Yee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain transparency as a key prerequisite for sustainable agri-food supply chain management
Jonas Bastian & Joachim Zentes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of cross-channel synergies and complementarity in a multichannel e-commerce system – an investigation of the interrelation of e-commerce, m-commerce and IETV-commerce
Gerhard Wagner, Hanna Schramm-Klein & Sascha Steinmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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