TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 34(13)

Beyond boundary spanners: The ‘collective bridge’ as an efficient interunit structure for transferring collective knowledge
Zheng Jane Zhao and Jaideep Anand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fast-mover advantages: Speed capabilities and entry into the emerging submarket of atlantic basin LNG
Ashton Hawk, Gonçalo Pacheco-De-Almeida and Bernard Yeung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competition, governance, and relationship-specific investments: Theory and implications for strategy
Nan Jia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of relative values of outside director stock options on firm strategic risk from a multiagent perspective
Elizabeth N. K. Lim and Brian T. Mccann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Where do firms’ recombinant capabilities come from? Intraorganizational networks, knowledge, and firms’ ability to innovate through technological recombination
Gianluca Carnabuci and Elisa Operti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconceptualizing plural sourcing
Anna Krzeminska, Glenn Hoetker and Thomas Mellewigt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External COO/presidents as expert directors: A new look at the service role of boards
Ryan Krause, Matthew Semadeni and Albert A. Cannella Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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