TOC: J Con Cult


Journal of Consumer Culture, 13(3)

Consumption as biopower: Governing bodies with loyalty cards
Sami Coll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating second-hand fashion trade and consumption in the Philippines: Expanding existing discourses
Veronica L. Isla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating and sustaining a culture of hope: Feng Shui discourses and practices in Hong Kong
Jeff Wang, Annamma Joy, and John F. Sherry, Jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘We just know!’: Tacit knowledge and knowledge production in the Turkish advertising industry
Yesim Kaptan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Prosuming’ conservation? Web 2.0, nature and the intensification of value-producing labour in late capitalism
Bram Buscher and Jim Igoe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing an explanatory practice framework: Local food systems as a case
Maarten Crivits and Erik Paredis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Classification struggles, moral criticism and the interethnic trade of prestige goods between two Romanian Roma groups
Peter Berta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A break from ‘reality’: An investigation into the ‘experiments with subjectivity’ on offer within the promotion of sustainable tourism in the UK
Paul Hanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Infant-feeding consumerism in the age of intensive mothering and risk society
Sara Afflerback, Shannon K. Carter, Amanda Koontz Anthony, and Liz Grauerholz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nobody was dirty: Intervening in inconspicuous consumption of laundry routines
Tullia Jack [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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