TOC: J Computer-Mediated Comm


Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(1)

Enterprise Social Media: Definition, History, and Prospects for the Study of Social Technologies in Organizations
Paul M. Leonardi, Marleen Huysman and Charles Steinfield [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Location, Motivation, and Social Capitalization via Enterprise Social Networking
Janet Fulk and Y. Connie Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Contradictory Influence of Social Media Affordances on Online Communal Knowledge Sharing
Ann Majchrzak, Samer Faraj, Gerald C. Kane and Bijan Azad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dialectic Tensions of Information Quality: Social Networking Sites and Hiring
Jacqueline C Pike, Patrick J Bateman and Brian Butler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media affordances and governance in the workplace: An examination of organizational policies
Emmanuelle Vaast and Evgeny Kaganer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming the “Ideology of Openness”: Probing the Affordances of Social Media for Organizational Knowledge Sharing
Jennifer L. Gibbs, Nik Ahmad Rozaidi and Julia Eisenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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