TOC: Arts Mar Intl J


Arts Marketing: An International Journal, 3(2)

Noel Dennis, Gretchen Larsen [Publisher]

An exploratory investigation into the role of a research and development programme on future craft practice
Louise Valentine, Ian Fillis, Georgina Follett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why producers of music use discourses of consumption (and why we shouldn’t think that makes them prosumers)
Robert Cluley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding value from arts sponsorship: A Social Exchange Theory perspective
Anna Tyrie, Shelagh Ferguson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainable Touring: Exploring Value Creation through Social Marketing
Stephen Henderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I Drum, Therefore I Am: Being and Becoming a Drummer, by Gareth Dylan Smith
Alex Gillett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes in the attendance of young adults at jazz events
Chris Hodgkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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