TOC: J Travel Res


Journal of Travel Research, 52(6)

Critical Tests of Multiple Theories of Cultures’ Consequences: Comparing the Usefulness of Models by Hofstede, Inglehart and Baker, Schwartz, Steenkamp, as well as GDP and Distance for Explaining Overseas Tourism Behavior
Shih-Yun Hsu, Arch G. Woodside, and Roger Marshall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefits of Tourism: A Special Series in Partnership with The U.S. Travel Association

Is Travel Better Than Chocolate and Wine? The Benefits of Travel: A Special Series
James F. Petrick and David Huether [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health and Wellness Benefits of Travel Experiences: A Literature Review
Chun-Chu Chen and James F. Petrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Family and Relationship Benefits of Travel Experiences: A Literature Review
Angela M. Durko and James F. Petrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Educational Benefits of Travel Experiences: A Literature Review
Matthew J. Stone and James F. Petrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Articles

Tourism and GDP: A Meta-analysis of Panel Data Studies
Mercedes Castro-Nuno, Jose A. Molina-Toucedo, and Maria P. Pablo-Romero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Use of Structural Equation Modeling in Tourism Research: Past, Present, and Future
Robin Nunkoo, Haywantee Ramkissoon, and Dogan Gursoy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Correcting for Scale Perception Bias in Tourist Satisfaction Surveys
Jorge E. Arana and Carmelo J. Leon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Marketers Use Visual Representations of Destinations That Tourists Value? Comparing Visitors’ Image of a Destination with Marketer-Controlled Images Online
Nina Michaelidou, Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka, Caroline Moraes, and Milena Micevski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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