TOC: J Global Fashion Mar


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 4(4)

Salient antecedents of mobile shopping intentions: Media dependency, fashion/brand interest and peer influence
Kim H.Y. Hahn & Jihyun Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer behaviour of pre-teen and teenage youth in China
Osmud Rahman, Xiaopeng Chen & Raymond Au [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fashion innovativeness and materialism
Ronald E. Goldsmith, Leisa R. Flynn, Elizabeth B. Goldsmith & Wan-Min Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail place attachment: a qualitative study of apparel shoppers
Katherine Shaw & Pauline Sullivan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Triangulated value perspectives of Place marketing: A case of Dongdaemun and the Doota shopping mall
Eunju Ko, Hojung Choo, Ji Yeon Lee, Sangah Song & Haesung Whang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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