TOC: Corp Rep Rev


Corporate Reputation Review, 16(4)

Curvilinear Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Benevolence on Loyalty
Pavlos A Vlachos, Areti Krepapa, Nikolaos G Panagopoulos and Argiris Tsamakos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Identity Antecedents and Components: Toward a Theoretical Framework
Philip J Kitchen, Marwa E Tourky, Dianne Dean and Ahmed S Shaalan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Philanthropy and Corporate Reputation: An Empirical Investigation
Sara A Morris, Barbara R Bartkus, Myron Glassman and G Steven Rhiel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining How Corporations Use Online Job Ads to Communicate Employer Brand Image Information
Kevin P Nolan, Madlen Gohlke, Jasmine Gilmore and Ryan Rosiello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CSR Longevity: Evidence from Long-Term Practices in Large Corporations
Terry Porter and Patti Miles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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