TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 12(5)

A critique of the ontology of consumer enchantment
Per Ostergaard, James Fitchett and Christian Jantzen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The distribution of influence in purchase decisions by male homosexual couples
Helmut Schneider, Ines Schönenberg and Frederik Ferié [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online lifestyle consumption community dynamics: A practice-based analysis
Elina Närvänen, Elina Kartastenpää and Hannu Kuusela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer uncertainty: The influence of anticipatory emotions on ambivalence, attitudes, and intentions
Colleen C. Bee and Robert Madrigal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If only I had the time! The impact of time salience on consumers’ evaluations of product offers
David L. Alexander and Aaron M. Sackett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Point of purchase or point of frustration? Consumer frustration tendencies and response in a retail setting
Eric Van Steenburg, Nancy Spears and Robert O. Fabrize [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does personality matter in exercise participation?
Sheau-Fen Yap and Christina Kwai Choi Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The use of Web 2.0 technologies in marketing classes: Key drivers of student acceptance
Ben Lowe, Steven D’Alessandro, Hume Winzar, Des Laffey and William Collier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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